About HPAD

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Herbal Products and Development is a cutting-edge, natural health products company based out of Aptos, California. With nearly 50 original product formulations and about 25 therapeutic grade bulk materials, we have been serving the local and national community for almost 30 years. We feature a variety of herbal capsules, high-quality oils, herbal/vitamin chocolates, cutting-edge skin care products, and custom probiotics and enzymes. Our formulas have been designed to address a host of conditions including blood sugar balance, liver function, low bone density, joint support, brain health, heart/fat health, skin conditions and hundreds more (see clinical reviews page here).

All of our formulas have been designed out of endless research and investigation. Our lab has thousands of documents in multiple full-sized file cabinets filled with a thick folder on each ingredient. Every formulation has a medical grade validation that takes up at least one large binder. We are dedicated to only using products and product combinations that are safe (G.R.A.S.), effective and results driven.

We believe that Western Medicine can be helpful in specific cases of extreme d disease. However, we also believe that the use of powerful plant medicine may be an excellent support for levels of higher health and functioning and that this idea is dramatically under-represented in modern Western medicine. We think it’s important to always see and get information from your medical doctor; however, it’s equally important to us to have valid information and potential solutions from a variety of credible sources.

Herbal Products and Development was founded by Paul Gaylon. Paul is a well-studied herbalist who has traveled the globe interacting with tribal medical traditions and studied with some of the best in the industry for over 30 years. He founded HP&D because of his passion for empowering people to directly take control of their health. It’s our belief that as people become healthier it becomes easier for them to make decisions which benefit their lives and the overall health of the planet.

Paul has not only stewarded HP&D through many years of growth and improvement but has also led or participated in a number of other prestigious organizations and events. From helping as director of a documentary on Industrial Hemp, to organizing the Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo, the largest event of its kind in the country (6500 attending), to developing a part of the research for Alcohol Can Be A Gas, Fueling an Ethanol Revolution for the 21st Century (Dave Bloom), to being asked to help with amazing projects all over the world (eco-friendly construction, supporting disabled children in South East Asia, indigenous traditional medicine, etc.), Paul has been a major player in the Northern California environmental health and sustainability scene for many years.

Paul Gaylon was the second person in the United States to release a greens powder and still has one of the most powerful, updated formulas in the world today. He was also the originator of the “first aid kit for travelers”. Constantly steeped in innovation, Paul is regularly trying to accomplish the impossible with better and better results.

Our products are mixed and packaged in a GMP compliant facility in California. We retain Certificates of Authenticity on all of our materials. For more information, please view our Quality Standards page.