HPAD Overview

Small, well-established, independent company.
• We offer a wide range of originally formulated, clinically reviewed, effective products, with a large
   selection of whole food concentrates, both as single nutrients and as formulas.


Our products include

Custom Concentrates: Supremely Green (whole superfood concentrate), Macro-Night (calcium-magnesium), Energy Enzyme Blend (digestive & metabolic cleanse), Essence of Sea Plants (Sea Plant Mix), Zymies Detox (systemic revitalization), Friendly Colonizer (probiotics), Berry Berry Good (Vitamin C complex), Gluco-Low (blood sugar balance).

Specialty Capsules: Power Plus (food enzymes), Inflazyme (inflammation relief), Vita Power (vitamins & antioxidants), Liver Restore (detox & support), Adrenal & Kidney Tonic (adrenal, kidney, thyroid, immune system support), Flex-Connect Plus (joint maintenance), MSM w/ Vitamin C (flexibility), Global Male Tonic (circulatory tonic & recovery), Mushroom Power Supreme (8 types of mushrooms), Pure Press Saw Palmetto Oil (pressed from ripe berries), OXY-OXC (colon cleanser & gentle detoxifier).

Premium Specialty EFA Oils: Organically grown, pressed in small batches. Hemp, Hempkin (Hemp & Pumpkin), Pumpkin, Poppy, Olive, PopOlive (Poppy & Olive).

Skin Care: Skin Restore, Supreme Cream, Skin Pro, Wrinkle Release Skin Serum.

Fluid Extracts: Land & Sea, Bella Dulce, Brain Drops, Stress Relief, Sierra-Pacific, Amazon Endurance, Bee Propolis, Mushroom Longevity, Women’s Formula, Male Libido, Liver Aid, Kidney Aid, Gluco-Low, Triphala, Expel All, The Body Electric, Stevia Supreme, & custom extracts (inquire).

Nutrient Chocolates: Hemp Coco Maca, Chai Chocolate, Cacao Berry Clarity, Golden Lite, Vita-Chocolate.

Bulk Nutrients: A wide array of powders, extracts, whole berry-fruit, green foods, cacao, bee pollen, maca, mesquite etc (see bulk nutrients products).


• We research our supplier’s facilities and have a long-term relationship with many manufacturers.
• We source directly the growers, harvesters, and processors of our raw materials.
• We seek certified organic or ethically wildcrafted standards. See sourcing standards on our website.
   Our website is also a reference work of several hundred nutrients.
• We have pioneered many projects for other companies as well as for our own. We do private label.


• 9 clinical studies have been completed on our products for effectiveness for various health conditions.
• Proper medical methodology exercised.
• 1 published in the Townsend Letter, the others submitted to peer reviewed journals.


• We provide profile sheets and clinical studies to back up our effective product line.
• Free public information website (1,700 links) on sustainability: www.unifiedcommunity.info
• Free public information website www.exploringbotanicals.com (under construction)


• We are readily accessible by phone, email, and by one-on-one contact.
• Orders are shipped usually the same day.
• Our products are guaranteed. We honor a return policy.
• There are no minimums, and there is free shipping for orders of $300 or more.


Personal note:
• Paul has studied plants for most of his life.
• He has researched every raw material that we offer.