Operating Policies

Privacy Policy

Herbal Products & Development is committed maintaining your privacy.

We ONLY use the information you submit to process your order and provide you with information regarding shipping and proper product usage or to communicate changes in our product offerings. We will NOT email you information about any other company’s products, period! We will never sell or otherwise make your personal information available to anyone! Customer contact information is used to get in touch with a customer only when necessary. Financial information that is collected is used to bill the corresponding customer for purchased products and services. Orders are routed through our secure website.

Ethical Policy

We believe in and run an ethical business. To us, this means selling effective products that are of the highest quality possible, and respecting our customers, the planet and all its inhabitants in the process.

We charge credit cards only at the time an order is placed. We will never charge your card on a recurring ¬¬basis, or for anything that you did not explicitly order. Our shipping costs are aligned to the prices we pay for UPS and USPS services. We do not charge an additional handling fee.

Our “Green” Policy

Herbal Products & Development has always practices precycling, which involves reusing materials until they are no longer useful and are then ready for recycling.

For shipping, most of our boxes and packing materials (packing peanuts, bubble wrap) are collected locally, reused in shipping, and saved from becoming pre-maturely recycled or trashed.

During production, we often precycle our bulk product packaging by reusing glass and plastic bottles. All the new 100gm containers we currently use for our Friendly Colonizer, Supremely Green, Macro Night, Zymies Detox, Colostrum, and Blue-Green Algae products were intercepted from a large company who was going to send them to the dump. Our bulk teas are packed in recycled glass jars. Most of our bulk nutrients are packed in heat sealed bags, thereby using less plastic than average.

In the office, we reuse printing paper until both sides are filled, precycle note paper, and shred spent paper for use as packaging material.

For cleaning purposes we use orange oil and Dr. Bronner's soaps. Most of the orange oil, 2nd pressed hemp oil, and natural insect repellent we sell is housed in precycled 16oz, 1 gallon, and 5 gallon containers.

We believe that there is far too much negligent waste in our world, and if everyone did their part to cut down on it, our planet would be much healthier place. We do our best to do our part.