11 September 2017

Zymies Detox

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Systemic Revitalization

Note: This is a former product that we may introduce in the future again.

Zymies Detox is a potent, energetic foundational formula for systemic detoxification and revitalization of the blood and entire GI tract. The synergistic blend of vital enzymes and super-strain probiotics supports cellular cleanse, a strong immune defense, and enhanced nutrient intake. Why use enzymes that work metabolically? They purify the blood, breaking down undigested food (carbs, fats, protein, and fiber) and unwanted foreign substances. These active workers then carry nutrients from the blood into the cells and waste out of the cells. They also work digestively in the intestines. Special enzymes have been chosen that clean the villi, the inner lining of the intestinal tract, of toxic waste material. Additionally, they digest various harmful bacteria, viral, and fungal organisms, particularly candida albicans, within the blood and intestines. These enzymes also benefit blood sugar balance. Zymies Detox removes harmful organisms while replenishing beneficial ones. It all adds up to a revitalized You!

One 3.5-gram dose daily (a 3/4 tsp divided into 3/8 tsp morning & night) provides the following enzymes:

Enzyme Strength 

Cellulase 60,000, CU Invertase 800 SU
Hemicellulase 30,000 HCU, Protease 24,000 HUT
Chitosanase 1250 U, Peptizyme SP EN 2,000 U
Phytase 50 FTU, Lipase 800 FCC FIP
Glucoamylase 60 AGU, Lactase 600 ALU
Amylase 5,000 DU, Bacillus coagulants 500 million CFU
Diastase (Maltase) 200 DP (aka Lactobacillus sporogenes)

Ingredients (The approximate range of activity is 2.5-10 pH.)

Fibers & their breakdown:

Cellulase Breaks down plant fibers, also the cell wall of candida and other harmful yeast overgrowths.

Hemicellulase Further breaks down fibers, thereby softening them and reducing their viscosity for the activity of probiotics. It unlocks the trapped nutrients in grains and beans, for example, in wheat, rice, and soy. It also hydrolyzes undigested food trapped in the villi of the intestines.

Chitosanase Especially breaks down the chitin cell wall of candida. (Chitin is the tough surface of fungi).

Phytase Releases phytic acid, which binds minerals and frees them as metabolically active carriers.

Sugars & starches & their breakdown (a thorough breakdown of all sugars) Most helpful for bloating, diarrhea, & gas):

Invertase Breaks down sucrose into more simple, utilizable sugars—glucose and fructose.
Diastase (Maltase) Breaks down maltose into glucose.

Glucoamylase Breaks down starches to glucose. It starts in the saliva breaking down sugars and starches to FOS, then maltose to glucose.

Amylase Breaks down carbohydrates and starches into simple sugars, also starting in the saliva.

Proteins & their breakdown:

Peptizyme Enteric coated—once in the duodenum (at 7-8 pH) it activates and helps curb inflammation.

Protease Active in further breaking down proteins. Works well in conjunction with Bacillus coagulants.

Fats & dairy & their breakdown:

Lipase: For fat digestion, it aids in the functioning of liver and gall bladder.
Lactase Breaks down dairy sugars to glucose and galactose. Helps to control harmful E. coli.

Bacillus coagulans: Helps maintain other beneficial organisms. Also helps to break down the fungal wall of candida so it can be eliminated, without the unpleasant Herkimer reaction of a sudden major die off.

The base formula (part of the 3.5 grams per day) also provides:

Soil-derived microorganisms (SDOs): (675 mg) Excellent probiotics (over 200 different species) for the intestinal tract. Found in our Friendly Colonizer. SDOs help provide nutrient absorption, synthesize B vitamins, and release compounds that are immune-stimulating. They help control harmful candida, salmonella, clostridium, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, shigella while maintaining all beneficial flora. By encouraging beneficial flora, SDOs keep the pH acid in the colon in balance to prevent the overgrowth of harmful species. Antibiotics kill beneficial as well as detrimental bacteria, thereby creating an imbalance for all varieties of harmful organisms. SDOs effectively counter this, fostering intestinal health.

FOS blend (w/Chicory) (525 mg): Known as prebiotics, FOS reach the colon intact and serve as food for beneficial bacteria (probiotics). They provide for optimal mineral and digestive absorption, the protection of intestinal wall health, and work with probiotics for proper regularity. They mediate between fats and carbohydrates, are helpful for glucose intolerance issues, colitis, and the lowering of blood pressure. Chicory contains inulin (at over 90%), which is its most active component as a prebiotic.

Stabilized rice bran (120 mg): A functional dietary fiber that is rich in B vitamins and minerals, with some antioxidant properties. It benefits in the digestion of foods, having a soothing quality and a buffering effect on the body’s glucose response. It also has a positive effect on blood pressure.

Amla (5:1) (75 mg): An adaptogenic tonic good for all constitutions, improving cellular activity. Also an antioxidant, and facilitates the elimination of toxins. Well-known for its high, stable vitamin C. Improves blood sugar balance and balances stomach acids. Improves inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

Green papaya (75 mg): A rich source of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, especially the proteolytic enzyme papain, one of the most powerful of plant enzymes known for breaking down protein. Active in either an acid, alkaline, or neutral pH stomach. It is helpful to those with a low hydrochloric acid output.

Mineral co-factors (30 mg): The body needs sufficient minerals to function properly since minerals are essential in every biochemical process that sustains life. They are extremely important in thousands of enzymatic reactions throughout the body, establishing overall cellular balance. Nutrients needed by the body cannot work on their own but require minerals to make them bio available for the body’s use.

Recommendations: Zymies Detox works well with Energy Enzyme Blend (helps to clean and rebalance the body so that it can better utilize nutrients), Land & Sea (for mineral replenishment), Friendly Colonizer (provides a wide spectrum of probiotics, to re-establish beneficial microorganisms).

Directions: 3/8 tsp to be taken upon rising in the morning and before bed in the evening in 8 oz water.

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