Fluid Extract Special Orders

Contact us directly to make a special order of bulk Fluid Extracts.
Made with organic cane alcohol and purified water.

Premixed Formulas available @ $99/qt OR $92 ea for 2+ quarts

Amazon Endurance
Bee Propolis ($110/qt)
Bella Dulce
Brain Drops
Expel All ($110/qt)
Kidney Aid
Land & Sea

Male Libido
Liver Aid
Mushroom Longevity
Sierra Pacific
Stress Relief
Women’s Formula

Single Extracts and Custom Fluid Extracts (we will blend up to 6 ingredients of your choice for an additional $15 – min. 2 qts) available @ $99/qt OR $92/quart for 2 or more quarts:

Available Extracts:

Actracalodes (Root)
American Ginseng (Root)
Amla (Berry)
Astragalus (Root)
Ashwagandha (Root)
Bacopa Moniera (Leaf)
Boldo (Leaf)
Bupleurum (Root)
Burdock Root
Chamomile (Flower)
Catuaba Root
Chanca Piedra (Whole Plant)
Chuchuhuasi (Bark)
Coltsfoot (Leaf)
Damiana (Leaf)
Dandelion (Root)
Echinacea (roots, leaves, tops)
Elder Flowers
Elecampane (Root and Leaf)
Fo-Ti Tieng (Hu Shu Wu) (Root)
Ginger (Root)
Ginko Biloba (Leaf)
Goji (Berry)
Gotu Kola (Leaf)
Green Tea (Leaf)
Gymnema Sylvestre (Leaf)
Hawthorne (Berry)
Hibiscus Flower

Holy Basil (Leaf)
Hyssop (Whole Plant)
Kudzu Vine
Lemon Balm (Leaf)
Licorice (Root)
Ligustica Wallichi (Root)
Milk Thistle (Seed)
Milky Oat Straw
Moira Puama (Bark)
Mullein (Leaf)
Osha (Root)
Passion Flower
Privet (Seed)
Propolis ($110/qt) (Resin)
Rehmannia Root
Sarsaparilla (Brazilian)
Saw Palmetto (Berry)
Schizandra (Berry)
Sea Plant Blend (various)
Siberian Eleuthero (Root)
Stevia (Leaf)
Suma (Root)
Tongkat Ali (Bark)
Tintoria Cordifolia (Guduchi) (Root)
Tribulus Terrestris (Whole Plant)
Turmeric (Root)
Valerian (Root)
Yerba Mate (Leaf)