Clinical Review for Golden Lite

The Safety and Efficacy of Golden Lite Dietary Chocolate Supplement
for Patients with Moderate to Severe Obesity


This was a prospective, randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled trial on the safety and efficacy of a dietary chocolate supplement (Golden Lite) for patients with moderate to severe obesity. The clinical trial was completed in August of 2009. The investigators (Haddad et al) are submitting the study for publication in the following independent peer-review panel journals: Journal of Obesity and Weight Management and Journal of Nutrition.



A dietary chocolate supplement containing concentrated proprietary plant extracts and a nutrient custom blend of rice bran, chicory and mesquite powder, cocoa butter, lecithin, and vanilla was clinically studied to determine its safety and efficacy on BMI (body mass index) weight/fat loss, cholesterol and triglycerides. Body weight, body fat percentage, waist and hip measurements, and total cholesterol and triglycerides values were measured before and after 6 weeks of treatment with this unique dietary combination supplement.


Materials and methods

The study population consisted of 60 mildly to moderately obese, otherwise healthy, subjects. The subjects underwent a randomized selection and were divided into two groups of 30: Group A received the dietary supplement that contains the active ingredients, and Group B received a placebo. Both the participants and clinical investigators were double-blinded. The inclusion and exclusion criteria for this clinical trial were explained and detailed carefully in the clinical trial.



After 6 weeks of treatment, the combination dietary chocolate supplement had a statistically significant (p<0.001, mu=0.05) positive weight reducing effect (-8.59 lb vs. +2.14 lb). This weight reduction was associated with a corresponding statistically significant (p<0.001, mu=0.05) decrease in body fat % in the treatment group (-2.88%) vs. the placebo (+0.86%). In addition, significant decreases in total cholesterol (-26 to -30 mg/dL) and triglycerides

(-39 to -45 mg/dL) were obtained as well as significant reductions in waist and hip measurements. These positive results lead us to conclude that the combination dietary supplement studied herein was a safe and effective way to assist in weight/fat reduction and decrease total cholesterol and triglycerides levels in relatively short time (6 weeks).


Study Investigators

Jack Haddad, DPM, private practice, Citrus Heights, CA

Dorothy Anderson, Ph.D., Nutrition and Food Science, private practice, Santa Clara, CA

David Tenet, Ph.D., Dietetics, private practice, San Diego, CA, St. Lapar County Hospital, San Diego, CA

Lisa McDermet, MS, freelance science writer and critic, Citrus Heights, CA


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