Clinical Review for Supremely Green

Study Type: A prospective, randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled clinical study on the safety and efficacy of Supremely Green Foods and professional runners.


Objectives: Marathon racing is a strenuous exercise that has a profound effect on many laboratory parameters. Participants in marathon races may require abstinence of exercise and the performance of laboratory assessments several days before and after the event.  The aim of this study will be to evaluate the possible changes in the following laboratory assessments observed in these participants: glucose, total protein, albumin, uric acid, calcium, creatinine, and myoglobin. 

Furthermore, the study will measure the subjects' level of muscle soreness, recovery time following a run, and overall endurance. 


Materials and methods: 14 subjects underwent randomization and were divided into two groups and received either the active investigational product (Supremely Green food) or a placebo with a non-active recipient. The duration of the study trial lasted 90 days. Patients were screened to meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria for the study protocol. Afterward, three follow-up visits were scheduled at week 4, week 8, and week 12 to ascertain the subjects' symptoms and physical findings.

Conclusion: Supremely Green Foods demonstrated a significant improvement in increasing the overall endurance of the participants while reducing the recovery time that it takes for each to achieve.  Also, the subjects' white blood cell count was reduced close to normal levels due mainly to the constant reaction to muscle tissues that these athletes endure.   Moreover, investigators saw no report of adverse events from the ingestion of the investigational product.


Study Investigators:

Dorothy Anderson, PhD

Nutrition and Food Science, Private Practice, Santa Clara, CA

David Tenet, PhD. Dietetics

St. Lapar County Hospital, San Diego, CA

Rich Mendosa, MPH

Sports Medicine, Sutter-Roseville, Roseville, CA

Phillip Shinnick, DC, PhD

Research Institute of Global Physiology, Behavior, and Treatment, NYC, NY


Study Coordinator:

Jack Haddad, MD, MBA

Orthopedic Surgery, San Jose Orthopedic Medical Group, San Jose, CA

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