Power Plus

Food Enzymes: Full Spectrum • High Potency • All Plant Source


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 Enzymes are energized protein molecules necessary to life. They catalyze and regulate nearly all biochemical reactions that occur within the human body. There are three primary groups of enzymes. Metabolic enzymes are those that catalyze various chemical reactions within cells throughout the body, such as detoxification and energy production. Digestive enzymes are secreted along the gastrointestinal tract to break down food, so the nutrients can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Food enzymes are naturally present in all raw foods, providing an exogenous, or outside, a source of digestive enzymes when consumed.

Enzymes are involved in every life process in the body. They are an essential link to stamina, energy level, the ability to utilize vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, as well as contributing to the immune system’s ability to protect our health.

Lack of enzymes contributes to disease and chronic degenerative conditions. With assimilation impaired, absorption of putrefying matter can occur throughout the body. Thus, an unhealthy body lacks resistance to germs, which can proliferate in this environment. Enzymes affect the length and quality of life by breaking down old cellular mucous and toxins, then expelling them from the organism. For example, chronic inflammation, where there is the presence of undigested food substances (usually protein) at the site of an injury, indicates an incomplete digestion of food because of a deficiency of digestive enzymes in the body. This puts greater stress on the immune system, which is taxed to alleviate the condition. With the ingestion of supplemental enzymes, inflammation can be reduced while immune system activity is relieved. Enzymes also help preserve necessary oxygen in the body.

Enzyme therapy is now being used to treat a number of ailments, including allergies, obesity, pancreatic hypertrophy, ulcers, infections, candida, and chronic inflammation.

Enzymes are more heat sensitive than vitamins. Temperature above 114 degrees will destroy them. All raw foods contain enzymes. Cooked and processed foods are devoid of them. Adding food enzyme supplements with cooked and processed food greatly increases digestibility and assimilation. Enzyme needs also increase with aging.

Enzymes are the most important factor in maintaining radiant health and vitality. They are the secret to staying young and healthy. They are beneficial regardless of one’s diet.

Supports nutrient assimilation          • Strengthens immune system
   as well as expelling waste material         by reducing the digestive burden

Hastens recovery from injury            • Increases energy levels and stamina
  by reducing inflamed tissue                    by breaking down food more thoroughly

Our full-spectrum POWER PLUS enzyme formula, derived from concentrated sprout isolates (all plant-based), contains the following ingredients (in unit amounts):

Amylase (20,000 DU): Amylase reduces large carbohydrates (starches and other polysaccharides) to disaccharides, including sucrose, lactose, and maltose. Amylase is supported by maltase, sucrase, and lactase.

Protease (26,000 HUT): Protease breaks down long protein chains (polypeptides) into smaller amino acid chains and eventually into single amino acids. Metabolically, it cleans the bloodstream of undigested protein. Protease is supported by bromelain and papain.

Lipase (600 LU): Lipase digests fats (triglycerides) into fatty acids and glycerol.

Cellulase (1250 CU): Cellulase (not found in the human system) breaks down the bonds found in fiber. Cellulase is supported by Pectinase.

Maltase (600 DP): Maltase assures the breakdown of complex sugars, such as maltose, into glucose molecules, allowing greater absorption of this energy-giving sugar.

Sucrase (20 IAU): Sucrase (Invertase) assures the breakdown of simple sugars, such as sucrose (refined table sugar), into glucose and fructose.

Lactase (500 LacU): Lactase breaks down dairy products and converts lactose (milk sugar) into glucose and galactose. The inclusion of these sugar-breaking enzymes gives this formula a broad base for improving nutrition.

Pectinase (7.5 PGU): Pectinase supports the action of cellulase by further enhancing the release of nutrients from the fiber matrices.

Bromelain (52,000 PU): From pineapple, Bromelain is a powerful proteolytic (protein digesting) enzyme complementing the formula. It facilitates in the healing of wounds and inflamed tissue.

Papain (125,000 PU): From young papaya, papain is one of the most powerful of plant proteolytic enzymes, superior even to the pepsin produced by the stomach. Its ability to digest meat fibers makes it an active ingredient in meat tenderizers.

In addition are mineral co-factors (20 mg) from concentrated land and sea plant sources, which help deliver, or transport, enzymes throughout the body. In a base of green papaya.

This formula contains no additives or fillers. In a 200 Vegicap bottle, 500 mg each capsule, formulated for optimum health enhancement.

One of the most complete enzyme formulas available.