Berry Berry Good


The Replenisher

10 Berry Vitamin C Flavonoid Concentrate

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Berry Berry Good is a blend of naturally occurring, concentrated extract powders from Vitamin C and antioxidant rich, mostly berry, sources. This tangy-sweet tonic also contains various B vitamins and minerals and is a powerhouse for vitality, healing, and cell rejuvenation. Vitamin C and flavonoids are necessary for collagen formation (collagen is the most important protein building block in the body), tissue repair, strengthening of cell walls, wound healing, and red blood cell production. They also help build strong bones, utilize carbohydrates, and work against viral and bacterial infections. Much research exists to show the effectiveness of Vitamin C and flavonoids, and clinical studies attest to the importance of a proper intake of these nutrients. The body will use as much of them as it needs, and expels the rest.


Berry Berry Good contains:

Bilberry complex (4:1 P.E. / Europe): Rich in anthocyanins and flavonoids, with powerful antioxidant properties; maintains the integrity and health of capillaries; helps the entire circulatory system, especially areas of microcirculation; very beneficial to the eyes; lowers risk of diabetes by balancing blood sugar levels.

Acerola (25% Vit C / Brazil): One of the richest sources of vitamin C known, many times that of oranges; a powerful antioxidant and natural preservative; high in flavonoids; good for capillaries and connective tissue.

Longan Fruit (20:1 / Asia): Wildcrafted, full-bodied, and extracted with water only; has a beautiful flavor. Full of antioxidants. Traditionally used to treat diseases, nourish the blood, and calm the nervous system.

Amla* (5:1 P.E. / India): A rejuvenating tonic, containing heat-resistant vitamin C; a potent free radical scavenger; fights harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi; improves anemia and blood sugar balance; boosts metabolism.

Schizandra* (10:1 P.E. / China): An adaptogen that balances body functions and increases resistance to stress. Also a liver, kidney, and lung tonic. It benefits cognitive functions, sharpens concentration and memory, stimulates the central nervous system, cleanses as an antioxidant and anti-bacterial agent, and stimulates connective tissue repair through flavonoid activity. Additionally, it improves circulation, wound healing, capillary integrity, collagen structure and vitamin C assimilation. Is also good for the skin and has calming properties.

Hawthorn (10:1 / China, U.S.): Has been called “a complete cardiac medicine.” Valuable for heart-strengthening properties: regulates both high and low blood pressure, strengthens the heart muscle, increases arterial blood flow.

Goji* (4:1 P.E. / China, Mongolia): The “Happy Berry,” fruit of longevity, corrects and balances chi deficiencies; has good blood clearing and regulating properties; aids low energy conditions, insomnia, anxiety and nervousness; strengthens eyes, kidneys, heart and circulation, mood and memory; builds blood cells and stamina; breaks down fats; reduces toxins. Also stimulates T-cell function, improving conditions of anemia.

Pomegranate (5:1 / many sources): This tart fruit originally from Persia is high in phenols and flavonoids, especially ellagic acid, showing heart and circulation benefits. It is also high in Vitamins C and K.

Grape seed extract (95% OPCs / Europe, U.S.): Rich in oligomeric proanthocyanidins, which have antioxidant properties; works to prevent the oxidative stress that is a pathogenic factor in diabetic symptoms. OPCs lessen inflammation and allergies; are a major free-radical scavenger; improve peripheral circulation; reduce swelling in injuries and bruises, hastening recovery time; restores elastin and collagen, which is crucial for tissue elasticity and better circulation, so helps with varicose and spider veins. Also helps alleviate the pain and stiffness of carpel tunnel and tendonitis.

Stevia (90% / Paraguay): A shrub traditionally used as a sweetener for foods and drinks throughout South America, also having important health benefits, including stimulating the release of insulin and helping to normalize blood sugar. A small amount of stevia harmonizes the sweet and tart flavors of Berry Berry Good.

Elderberry (5:1 / Europe): Traditionally used for immune enhancement and to help with bacterial and viral infections. Rich in antioxidants, quercetin, and anthocyanins, it is often made into syrups and beverages. Elderberries help lower LDL cholesterol and support the nervous system and vision.

* Refer to Herbal Products & Development profile Three Sacred Asian Berries for more information.

P.E.: powdered extract    # corresponds to the level of concentration