Mineral Concentrates

Vital Minerals from the Great Salt Lake

Krystal Salt from the Himalayan Mountains

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Without sufficient minerals, the body cannot function properly, since minerals are essential in every biochemical process that sustains life. With the following mineral concentrates you get the benefits of a full spectrum of 72 to 84 ionic minerals, including most of the essential trace minerals. These are all the minerals that are found in blood plasma and that the human body needs. Charged minerals called electrolytes keep biochemical balance in the body, especially helping in alkalizing the blood, as most people are too acidic; they also help keep cells properly hydrated. They are cofactors to enzymes, herbs, and vitamins, helping in vitamin assimilation; also are important in collagen synthesis, nerve function, and hormone regulation. Electrolytes are important in brain function and in the beating of the heart. Mineral electrolytes are released as highly charged ions that are immediately absorbable and ready to function in biochemical processes. Electrolytes are the epitome of an active life force. Both of these sources of mineral concentrates are high in magnesium, which is important for calcium assimilation and nerve transmission. Take mineral concentrates to remineralize your body.

Can be taken in plain water (see below for specifics) or used in soups, stir fry, baked goods, dressings, smoothies, and juice. Also can be used topically, either applied directly to the skin or in baths. They benefit pets and plants as well.


Vital Minerals

Inland marine minerals from the Great Salt Lake

Well over seventy minerals, including trace, in a concentrated ionic complex from the Great Salt Lake. It is a saline solution in a concentration much greater than sea water; however, it is low in sodium. Heavy metals are precipitated out. These are highly absorbable, life force, mineral electrolytes. They help keep cells properly hydrated. An excellent way to remineralize the body. Our Vital Minerals are always tested for purity.

Suggested Use: 1/2 teaspoon (20 drops) per gallon of water.

Available in 4 oz and 8 oz bottles


Krystal Salt

Ancient sea bed minerals from the Himalayan Mountains

This is salt in a crystalline form that still contains its full matrix of minerals. Taken from a 250 million-year-old mine which was once a large ocean. Easy assimilation with a positive, much higher life force than any commercial plain salt on the market. Available in common granulated form, in pelletized bath crystal size, or as chunk (rock) crystals.

In granulated form, use the same way as you would ordinary table salt, or make your own vegetable salt blend using powdered herbs and vegetables of your choosing. Or use in soups, dressings, dishes, and smoothies.

From either pelletized or chunk crystals, make a brine. Add one teaspoon of pellets or one chunk of crystal (which do vary in size) to a quart or more of water until the solution precipitates out (a 26% solution, its maximum concentration). For a powerful detoxifier, use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per day. 

Pelletized size is perfect for the bath for softer skin. Mix with aromatic oils for soothing foot baths.

Also available are beautiful, large crystal salt lamps which produce a soft, soothing, meditative light. They project a calming, warming atmosphere. They come with base, bulb, cord and switch.

Available in 1lb bulk (granulated, pelletized, or chunk crystalline form)
Full kit: 1lb granulated salt, 1lb chunk crystals, book, DVD video, 2 salt shakers (3.5 oz.)

 Note: Commercial table salt (NaCl) is quite detrimental to the body in comparison. It promotes water retention, rather than proper tissue hydration, so, therefore, contributes to swelling, and eventually to tissue rigidity. It is stripped of the full spectrum of essential minerals. Anti-caking agents are also added, like aluminum hydroxide.