Barley-Alfalfa profile

Barley and Alfalfa Grass Juice Extracts

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Barley and Alfalfa Grass Juice Extracts are not simply grass powders, but potent concentrates, superfoods in their own right. Being truly nutritive tonics, they are sweet, plant intensified, pure light energy. Our barley and alfalfa grass juice extracts are certified organic and produced using a state-of-the-art, low temperature (never above 105°F), spray-dry process that preserves their natural vitamins, minerals, and other rich nutrients. The plants have been grown over a mineral-rich, ancient seabed, and the whole plant is literally juiced, thereby concentrating it, and then dried. The juice extracts are 100% pure. Our barley and alfalfa are both cold-pressed at concentration 21:1. Their superior profiles suggest why they are primary ingredients in our Supremely Green superfood.


Barley Grass Juice Extract

The cereal grasses, which include barley grass, have been valued as a primary source of food from ancient times. They are a powerhouse of hundreds of nutrients, from vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, DNA and RNA, to untold numbers of phytonutrients, the most important of which is chlorophyll.

Barley Grass is strongly recommended for its healing and nutritive powers, beginning with the remarkable abilities of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll, as important to plants as hemoglobin is to our blood, is actually very similar to the hemin molecule of hemoglobin. Chlorophyll has the amazing ability to increase blood production, as it is readily changed into the hemin molecule of hemoglobin. Chlorophyll, therefore, has the ability to improve the anemic condition, and is also detoxifying and purifying of the blood and liver. It binds with toxins in the digestive tract, preventing them from absorption into body tissues, and so is also cleansing and deodorizing of the bowel. It helps to heal wounds, soothe ulcerated tissue, and is an antibacterial agent. A truly amazing tonic for the body!

Barley grass
is well-known for its body-building and tissue-healing abilities. It contains a broad spectrum of concentrated vitamins, especially beta-carotene, C, E, the B-complex, and minerals, with high levels of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and zinc. It is also rich in enzymes, including many unique digestive enzymes that are able to detoxify indigestible and toxin-contaminated foods. Another enzyme is superoxide dismutase (SOD) which protects cells from the free radicals produced by pollution in our air, food, and water, and by radiation. It also contains large amounts of mucopolysaccharides, which have the ability to strengthen body tissues, lower blood fat, and reduce inflammation. Protein in barley grass, considered excellent among all plant sources, is as high as 45% in the juice powder. 
Barley grass shows DNA-repairing properties, strong anti-inflammatory action, and is immune-enhancing.

Barley Grass is very soothing and nutritive to our internal organs, and, again, because of its high chlorophyll content, has a cleansing effect throughout the gastrointestinal tract. So much of our processed foods create an imbalance of acidity in the body; barley grass juice extract, because of its high alkalinity, helps to restore the body’s acid-alkaline balance.


Alfalfa Grass Juice Extract

Alfalfa grass is best known for its rich mineral content–considered the world’s richest land plant mineral source known. Its roots can extend down to 100 feet into the soil, pulling in minerals that other plants cannot reach. Noted minerals found in alfalfa include potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, silicon, copper, selenium, and numbers of other trace elements.

Alfalfa also has high chlorophyll content and so is also a blood builder and blood purifier. It is a rich source of almost all the known vitamins, including vitamin K, and is high in protein, flavonoids, and alkaloids. It is often recommended for inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis and rheumatism, and has beneficial effects on digestion, ulcerated conditions, and the maintenance of friendly intestinal flora. Its cooling effect is found helpful in reducing fevers. It is both cleansing and alkalizing.