Chlorella (Certified Organic)


1 Pound. Chlorella is both a detoxifier/chelator and a nutrient powerhouse that is very high in chlorophyll. It also supports and benefits the Immune system.

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Whole Food Detoxifier

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Understanding chlorella begins with the revelation that Chlorella is an amazing whole food — it is a single-celled micro-algae dating back over 2 billion years. In its natural state, Chlorella Regularis thrives in fresh water areas virtually worldwide, yet only in recent decades has its powerful food potential begun to be cultivated. Chlorella provides super-concentrated nutrition. According to many experts, it is the world's highest source of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is well-known as a stimulator of red cell formation in the blood making it a blood-builder that helps to prevent anemia. Chlorophyll also strengthens the immune system, speeds the healing process, helps assist new tissue formation, all while cleansing the bloodstream by carrying away metabolic waste. As a supplemental benefit, Chlorella's internal cleansing and detoxifying action make it a natural body deodorant.

Chlorella has strong detoxifying properties. Not only does it neutralize, bind, and remove poisonous substances from the body such as heavy metals, dioxin, and PCBs, but it has also been found helpful in assisting the body's resistance to radiation. Taken in conjunction with meals, chlorella also aids in healthy liver functioning, improving digestion and promoting bowel health by stimulating the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. This is why Chlorella regularis dovetails nicely into any cleansing and rejuvenating regimen for the entire body.

Chlorella Regularis assists the body at the cellular level, thereby raising the body's energy level and vitality, which in turn counteract stress and high blood pressure. Chlorella is rich in the nucleic acids RNA and DNA making it one of the best food sources for nucleic acids. Nucleic acids are very beneficial in the repair of damaged genetic material in cells, in maintaining health, and in slowing down the aging process.

This micro-algae can holistically heal body systems. The amazing healing properties of chlorella are the result of a substance unique unto itself, which is found in the nucleus of its cell and is called Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). CGF is a physiologically activating substance containing complex nucleotide peptides, amino acids, polysaccharides, and other derivatives. In plain terms, CGF has been shown to dramatically accelerate growth and promote the healing of damaged tissue. By activating both T and B cells also called cytokines (or helper cells), it also stimulates the fortification of the immune system and facilitates the production of interleukin, a provider of cell-mediated immunity. Both red and white blood cells are thereby maintained.

Extensive clinical research has been conducted on Chlorella, with many health conditions showing positive benefits with its use. Chlorella testimonials from researchers refer to the algae as a little green powerhouse of nutrients.

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