Krystal Salt – Granulated, Pelletized, Rocks


1 Pound. This is salt in a crystalline form that still contains its full matrix of minerals. Taken from a 250 million year old mine which was once a large ocean.

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From Ancient Himalayan Seas

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This is salt in a crystalline form that still contains its full matrix of minerals. Taken from a 250 million-year-old mine which was once a large ocean. Easy assimilation with a positive, much higher life force than any commercial plain salt on the market.

Use the same way as you would ordinary table salt. Or make your own vegetable salt blend, using powdered herbs and vegetables of your choosing.

Without sufficient minerals, the body cannot function properly because minerals are essential in every biochemical process that sustains life. With the following mineral concentrates, you get the benefits of a full spectrum of 72 to 84 ionic minerals, mostly as essential trace minerals. These are all the minerals that are found in blood plasma and are the minerals that the human body needs. Charged minerals called electrolytes maintain biochemical balance in the body and especially helps with alkalizing the blood, as most people are too acidic. They also help keep cells properly hydrated. They are cofactors to vitamins, enzymes, and herbs, and are important in collagen synthesis, nerve function, and hormone regulation. Electrolytes are important for brain functions and maintaining an optimal heartbeat. Mineral electrolytes are released as highly charged ions that are immediately absorbable and ready to function in biochemical processes. Electrolytes are the epitome of an active life force. Both of these sources of mineral concentrates are high in magnesium which is important for calcium assimilation and nerve transmission. Take mineral concentrates to remineralize your body.

Can be taken in plain water or used in soups, stir fry, baked goods, dressings, smoothies, and juice. Also can be used topically, either applied directly to the skin or in baths. Beneficial to pets and plants as well.

  • Replace your table salt with the ultimate salt/mineral supplement
  • Contains a full matrix of all the minerals the human body needs
  • Use as a gourmet fine grind all purpose salt
  • Easy assimilation with a positive, higher life force
  • Real salt from a 250 million-year-old Himalayan mine
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