6 Ounce powder OR 240 veggie caps 400mg each. For digestive distress and daily cleanse. Our unique energy enzyme formula is made from food grade diatomaceous earth that naturally possesses 89% chelated and highly absorbable Silica and Calcium. Very versatile, yet powerful — feel your best again!

Available as Capsules or Powder blend
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Micronized detoxification and mineralization for the whole body

Suggested Use: For powder, consume 1–3 full teaspoons per day or as needed/recommended by a physician. For capsules, take 4 caps, 1–2 times per day. The excess product will be flushed out in one’s urine in the event of overconsumption.

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According to the National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal, and Skin Diseases, approximately 10% of Americans, including 30 million post-menopausal women, have severe osteoporosis. The standardized western recommendation for the treatment and prevention of this disease is the supplementation of one’s diet with additional calcium. However, modern research (as published in The Journal of the American Society Nephrology (JASN) and many others) is indicating that the over consumption and improper digestion of isolated calcium supplements (and milk) is actually creating a variety of severe health conditions, including joint calcification, heart/artery hardening, and the worsening of osteoporosis.

The Harvard Nurses Study followed 78,000 women for a 12-year period and found that milk did not protect against bone fractures. Indeed, those who drank three glasses of milk per day had more fractures than those who rarely drank milk. Another study comparing bone loss in the lumbar spine in perimenopausal women showed that the control group who supplemented the diet with whey protein (a milk protein), significant bone loss occurred. Additionally, researchers at Iowa State University concluded that regular consumption of milk proteins such as whey appeared to increase the lifetime risk of osteoporosis.

The reality is that calcium without its proper chelated co-minerals is not properly absorbed into the body and actually strips the bones/tissues. Furthermore, animal protein (such as is found in meat, eggs, and dairy) also strips the body of calcium. Calcium, Magnesium, Silica, and Boron are the four minerals that when properly combined and chelated, synergistically keep bones, hair, teeth, nails, skin and internal tissues healthy and functioning properly.

Our bodies mimic the natural world. When natural systems are at their optimal energetic flow, they cleanse and vitalize. In Chinese medicine, the vital life force of the body is called “chi.” Returning the body’s chi to its vital state is the whole intent of our formula Energy Enzyme Blend. Its key functions are cleansing, eliminating, and energizing. Our unique Energy Enzyme Blend formula is made from fresh water, food grade diatomaceous earth that naturally possesses 89% chelated and highly absorbable silica and calcium, Iron (oxide), potassium, boron, and magnesium. The diatomaceous earth in our formula is also packed with electrons and constructed in a unique honey-comb matrix-shape that is designed to passively sweep the body, trapping and flushing out pathogenic bacteria and harmful compounds (including petrochemicals, plastics, heavy metals, radiation, etc). Energy Enzyme Blend has a PH of 8, making it a gentle alkalizing supplement. 
Energy Enzyme Blend also contains pre- and probiotics and fulvic acid, and is enhanced by peppermint oil and mineral co-factors.

The first important ingredient in Energy Enzyme Blend is food grade, organic, diatomaceous earth, which is derived from microscopic plants called diatoms. When magnified, diatomaceous earth has a spiny honeycomb look with enormous surface area, which in essence acts as a big filter for all types of toxins in the body, including microbial and environmental toxins. It goes to work cleansing the body of heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins, parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and molds, by moving all of these into the colon where the body can eliminate them. With a mildly negative charge of pH 8, it alkalizes the body’s terrain, also enabling it to pull out (chelate) all manner of toxins. Its spiny sharp edges kill parasites on contact and effectively scrub, without being abrasive, the intestinal walls of mucus, molds, and hardened gunk; the colon is therefore kept clean. Plenty of water will enhance this activity.

Diatomaceous earth is, therefore, an excellent detoxifier, providing our immune system with a boost and helping to reduce the chance of systemic distress in the body. Detoxification increases nutrient absorption from our food; it is in this sense that the formula acts as an enzyme. Detoxification also helps in the reduction of inflammation. Systemic cleansing creates an internal terrain in which pathogenic microbes cannot thrive, thus providing the opportunity to rejuvenate and balance our digestive system.

Diatomaceous earth contains high levels of silica (at 89%), along with 15 other trace minerals used by the body. Silica is a very important trace mineral, and much like MSM has a multitude of uses in the body. Collagen, the basic structural component of the body, is made up largely of silica. So like MSM, it benefits hair, skin, and nails. It also improves tooth enamel and gums, helping to preserve teeth. It supports, again like MSM, lung tissue, and functions in the cushioning of joints, therefore improving joint elasticity. In the circulatory system, blood and blood pressure is normalized. Life, in fact, requires silica.

It is in regard to bones that the formula has a strongly positive dual action. It pulls out environmental toxins at the same time that its high silica content assists in making stronger bones. Healthy bone cells correlate to good immune health, as our natural stem cells are stored in bone tissue. It is because silica is an essential co-factor for calcium and magnesium assimilation (see our Macro-Night) that its role in strengthening bones is so crucial. The body can also utilize silica as a calcium substitute, if necessary.

In a synergistic manner, the inclusion of peppermint oil (organic) amplifies the natural charge of the diatomaceous earth, creating a greater polarity in the chelating process. It acts as both a catalyst and a delivery system in the moving of energy, that vital life force of Chi. Peppermint oil is also known as an oxygenator and anti-microbial, thereby greatly enhancing the overall cleansing effect of all ingredients.

Our formula then adds the important benefits of pre- and probiotics by actually improving beneficial flora in the intestinal tract. First, its multi-strain probiotics, including soil-based microorganisms (SBOs), establishes and maintains the friendly bacteria we need. The availability of beneficial SBOs in our diet has been greatly reduced through modern agricultural techniques. SBOs are ingested when we eat fresh, raw, organic plant life grown in rich soils, which is not all that common today. Our SBOs have been selectively bred to produce internally the rich, balanced “soil” that we so often lack. Living soil—teeming with beneficial microorganisms—is the energy field that transmutes nutrients into well-being and longevity. They literally help us in getting more nutrition out of the food we eat. They also curb the growth of harmful, disease-causing bacterial strains and other microbes; produce many important enzymes; increase the bioavailability of vitamins, fatty acids, lactase, calcium; helps strengthen the immune system; neutralize toxins; and normalize bowel movements. SBOs also stimulate the body’s own production of alpha-interferon, a key regulator of our immune response.

Through cleaning the colon, SBOs enhance the immune system by eliminating the putrefaction and toxins that lodge on the intestinal wall upon which pathogens thrive. They aggressively devour the pathogenic microbes, parasites, and fungi also, such as salmonella, Clostridium, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, Shigella, and candida. This helps relieve the immune system, allowing it to work more efficiently elsewhere in the body. SBOs stimulate the body to produce large reservoirs of nonspecific antibodies, which the immune system can then use for any number of different conditions. Both disease prevention and healing are the benefits to us. In addition, they help provide nutrient absorption, synthesize B vitamins, and release compounds that are immune-stimulating. By encouraging beneficial flora, SBOs keep the pH acid in the colon in balance to prevent the overgrowth of harmful species. 

Working in conjunction with probiotics are the prebiotics of FOS (Fructooligosaccharides). These are complex carbohydrates that are not broken down by our digestive system, but, instead, upon reaching the lower intestines, become food for beneficial bacteria. FOS are known as prebiotics because of their ability to promote the growth of probiotic bacteria. Pathogenic bacteria, in contrast, are unable to benefit from FOS. They also provide for optimal mineral and digestive absorption, the protection of intestinal wall health, and work with probiotics for proper regularity. They mediate between fats and carbohydrates, are helpful for glucose intolerance issues, colitis, and the lowering of blood pressure. Included in our prebiotic components are Chicory, Mesquite, Burdock, and Yucca. Chicory is an excellent source of inulin (processed as a food ingredient at over 90%), a non-glycemic beneficial food for intestinal probiotics.

Fulvic acid
, found in deposits as a component in the process of ancient vegetative decomposition, is a powerful co-factor in creating the ideal environment for mineral complexes and elements to bio-react electrically with our cells. Elemental vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are refined, purified, re-refined, and combined with fulvic acid into organic, ionic molecules that are easily transported into and through cell membranes. Fulvic acid essentially charges, regenerates, regulates and delivers living nutrient energies directly and instantly to living cells. It helps in the breakdown of proteins and in healing cuts and infections. The immune system is strongly supported by its action. It is also a free radical scavenger and has antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. Together with diatomaceous earth, it helps to chelate and carry away heavy metals, providing cleansing and detoxifying the body.

With Mineral co-factors: The body needs sufficient minerals to function properly since minerals are essential in every biochemical process that sustains life. They are extremely important in thousands of enzymatic reactions throughout the body, establishing overall cellular balance. Nutrients needed by the body cannot work on their own but require minerals to make them bio available for the body’s use.

Energy Enzyme Blend
 can be used in any long-term health regimen. It will help maintain vitality, giving you a real sense of feeling better, with the additional benefit of providing greater mental clarity. It is good for pets as well, for all the similar health reasons. Try it as a dental cleaning powder as well.

To make this fantastic product as potent and palatable as possible, we have added super high-quality mint oil and charged the diatomaceous earth with additional electrons (negative ions). Can be consumed with cool water for a delicious treat on a hot day or in a smoothie/juice for synergistic interaction with other nutrients.

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