120 vegi caps, 800mg each. A no-holds-barred formula designed to improve range of motion and help control the joint pain, tenderness, inflexibility and inflammation of osteoarthritis, joint disease, and wearing, and morning stiffness.

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Joint Movement and Flexibility

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Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules 1-3 times per day (45 minutes after a meal) with plenty of water. We highly recommend pairing Flex-Connect Plus with our co-formulated MSM powder at a 2[MSM]:1[FCP] ratio.

According to the United States Center for Disease Control, “Arthritis is the most common cause of disability, and osteoarthritis is our nation’s most common form of arthritis. This serious, painful and potentially life-altering joint disease places severe limits on daily activity and quality of life for over 27 million Americans. Affecting mainly hands, knees and hips, osteoarthritis (OA) often causes weakness and disability, interferes with work productivity, results in joint replacement and generates inordinate socioeconomic costs. In view of the fact that the U.S. population is aging and obesity is on the rise, the prevalence, health impact and economic consequences of OA are expected to increase dramatically.”

In order to help control the pain of osteoarthritis and arthritis-related conditions, we have created a no-holds-barred formula designed to combat osteoarthritis and all of the joint pain, tenderness, inflexibility, and inflammation of joint disease and wearing. This powerful supplement is perfect for the victims of joint tissue injury, general inflammation and/or disease related cartilage reduction.

Glucosamine is an amino acid sugar containing chitin, the structural support molecule and the “glue” that holds tissue together. It hydrates tissues and joints and helps make proteoglycans that aid in joint flexibility. This powerful compound synergizes with our enzyme complex, vitamin C rich Rutin and Amla, and other carefully combined herb and mineral compounds to harmoniously decrease histamine production, and increase joint cushioning and movement.

As per our usual standard of excellence, we could not simply let our great formula out into the marketplace without a comprehensive double-blind, placebo controlled, peer reviewed medical study of Flex-Connect Plus (along with our Vitamin C re-enforced MSM powder) that yielded the following results against the most stubborn of joint related conditions.


Ingredients have been formulated with the synergy of all working together in mind. They all help control histamine release, which is the cause of inflammation, and help in the microcirculation of ligaments.

Flex-Connect Plus contains:
Glucosamine Sulfate: Glucosamine is the “glue” that holds tissue together. It is an amino acid sugar (saccharide) containing chitin, the well-known structural support molecule of ocean life. It hydrates tissues and joints and helps make proteoglycans, which gives the flexibility needed for joint motion. This, then, provides the mini-cushioning effect, like a shock absorber, of joint (synovial) fluids. It also helps normalize cartilage metabolism, and helps the body repair and regenerate ligaments, muscle, and new layers of skin and bone. The sulfate form is natural to the body (in the cartilage and synovial fluid) and is the most well-known of its assimilable forms.

High Protease Enzyme Complex: All plant based; contains protease, amylase, lipase, (SP) serratia, bromelain, and papain. Helps to normalize blood clotting and reduces the fluid of edema (anti-inflammatory). Replaces dead and worn out tissues, removes impurities, and speeds up the healing process. Enzymes, by breaking down foods, help keep the bloodstream clean. Helps with the chronic inflammatory response of the auto-immune system. Increases absorption of foods, thus no antigens in the blood which would create inflammation in the circulatory process. Bromelain helps to accelerate wound healing and the repair of inflamed tissue.

Turmeric extract (95% curcumin): Well-known antioxidant, liver protector, and blood purifier. One of the best substances for lipid peroxidation (stops fat rancidity). Helps ease joint pain and flare-ups. Helps with varicose veins and stiffness. Turmeric and ginger are extremely versatile at pain reduction in moist climates. They help reduce inflammation and support circulation.

Boswellian extract (65% Boswellic acids): Very important for pain relief. Helps with osteoarthritis by shrinking inflamed tissue. Lowers and prevents the formation of inflammatory mediators—leukotrines. Reduces tissue deterioration. Improves blood supply to joints and tissues. Lessens stiffness and provides strength.

Horse chestnut extract (20% aescin): Reinforces vein and capillary structure and improves microcirculation. Helps prevent varicose veins. An anti-inflammatory which improves overall circulation.

The following Bioflavonoids assist in the production of connective tissue (collagen), repair cell damage, and help buffer oxidative stress. They improve circulation and cleanse blood and arteries. Flavonoids potentiate vitamin C activity.

Quercetin: This anti-allergy flavonoid is made from the rinds and bark of fruit trees. Helps with capillary fragility, improves cell integrity, and aids with conditions such as easy bruising.

Rutin: Helps strengthen capillaries and repairs damaged tissue.

Amla: Popular ayurvedic and a high vitamin C flavonoid with a wide variety of adaptogenic functions.

Concentrated Mineral Co-factors: Potentizes as a delivery system. Minerals help with arthritis.

Ginger: An important antioxidant which provides a wide range of benefits including proteolysis (protein digestion), pain relief, and detoxification. Contains minerals and enzymes which inhibit inflammation. 


Each bottle contains 120 vegicaps, 800 mg of nutrients per capsule. 


Flex-Connect Plus™ and MSM-Vitamin C demonstrated a collective improvement of 97.8% in the following tested markers/parameters:

1. Joint pain
2. Stiffness
3. Range of motion
4. Cartilage support
5. Inflammation


The proportions of responders within 1 week of treatment were as follows: 22.3% for placebo and 49.6% for the active supplement (Figure 2). Noteworthy is that after 4 weeks of treatment, the placebo group was still significantly lower from baseline for any of the WOMAC scores, compared with the group ingesting the active supplement. Response to treatment to the Flex-Connect Plus™ and MSM-Vitamin C group continued to increase for the duration of the study protocol. The response rate at week 4 was significantly higher for the group ingesting the active supplement group (69.2%), compared with the placebo (28.6%). At the conclusion of the study, week 12, the response rate for the active supplement group continued to increase compared with the placebo: 95.6% and 29.8%, respectively.

When the results came in we celebrated the formulation of a product that could truly help the millions of people worldwide who suffer from this degenerating disease. Our dedication to quality and gold standard research sets our Flex Connect Plus formula apart from the rest of the marketplace.