120 vegi caps 800mg each. New Improved Formula with more Serrrapeptase! Designed to improve range of motion and control joint pain, tenderness, inflexibility, and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis and joint disease.

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Joint Movement and Flexibility

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Suggested Use: 2 capsules 1–3 times per day (45 minutes after a meal) with plenty of water. We highly recommend pairing Flex Connect Plus with our co-formulated MSM/Acerola C at a 2:1 ratio, as well as the topical Cream Whole Hemp .

Joint pain? Arthritis? The many types of inflammation? We have the formula to relieve the symptoms of joint pain, tenderness, swelling, and the difficulties of joint mobility associated with osteoarthritis. Joint cartilage contains large molecule proteoglycans that give strength and resistance while providing the flexibility necessary for compression involving motion. Osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, is the wearing away of cartilage and tissue between joints. Flex Connect Plus was formulated with synergistic ingredients that all work together to provide the nutritional support that connective tissue cells need while helping to restore and repair them. Joint flexibility improves as the body has a better range of motion.


Flex Connect Plus contains:

Serrapeptase: The late Dr. Hans Nieper, a German internist studied serrapeptase extensively, calling it “the miracle enzyme.” Though serrapeptase has been in clinical use for decades, with something like 200 studies conducted worldwide, it is still little known as a supplement. Serrapeptase is a powerful proteolytic enzyme (one that breaks down protein) derived from the non-pathogenic bacterial species Serratia E-15. It was first isolated in the late 1960s from the intestines of silkworms. It was discovered that this enzyme allowed the silkworm moth to dissolve a hole in its cocoon, composed of very strong protein fiber, freeing itself thereby to become the adult moth. Serrapeptase is now cultured for the market, and over the years has shown an impressive record of addressing a wide range of debilitating conditions, whether acute or chronic. Systemic enzymes work throughout the body wherever needed.


Serrapeptase is above all a natural anti-inflammatory; it reduces inflammation in all its forms anywhere in the body. It binds itself to alpha 2 macroglobulin in the plasma of our blood and is carried to wherever inflammation is occurring, whether the condition is edema (swelling), swollen glands, lung problems including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, ear, nose, or throat infections such as sinusitis; digestive and intestinal problems, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, ulcers, varicose veins, or diabetes. Chronic inflammatory conditions of auto-immune diseases, including some of the above, can be noticeably improved. As a systemic use enzyme, serrapeptase has a general immunomodulating ability and therefore aids in any imbalanced auto-immune condition. Its ability to reduce the redness & swelling of inflammation, such as fluid of edema, prevents pain-inducing substances from collecting in damaged tissue. This is a welcome benefit for the inflammation sufferer. Serrapeptase has therefore earned the reputation of being the natural pain relief—analgesic—enzyme. Its anti-inflammatory properties show accelerated healing.


The remarkable characteristic of serrapeptase is that it does not harm living tissue; it only dissolves dead tissue that the body is better off getting rid of. This includes scars (dead protein fibrin), such as from injuries or surgery; blood clots (fibrin in the blood); cysts and fibroid tumors; and the arterial plaque that causes blockage of the arteries in coronary conditions. Fibrosis (formation of scar tissue) is, in fact, common throughout the body, not just from any injuries we might have had, however minor, but it also develops in all our organs through the aging process. Serrapeptase can therefore be taken as an anti-aging protocol. Serrapeptase can eat away at fibrin, wherever it may occur. It also helps in improving the syndrome known as fibromyalgia and the related condition fibrositis. It is also able to dissolve the protective fibrin coating of microbes and viruses, thereby allowing the immune system to go into action to identify them and inactivate them. Perhaps most important for the optimal health of the body is blood cleansing—serrapeptase removes toxins, impurities, and oxidizing dead and worn-out protein from the bloodstream, earning it “the clean-up enzyme”. This high protease enzyme complex normalizes blood clotting, reduces edema, replaces dead & worn-out tissues as it removes impurities. thereby speeding up the healing process. Serrapeptase plays a major role in improving the health outcome of many people.


Glucosamine Sulfate: Glucosamine is the “glue” that holds tissue together. It is an amino acid sugar (saccharide) containing chitin, the well-known structural support molecule of ocean life. It hydrates tissues and joints, helps make proteoglycans that provide the flexibility needed for joints and range of motion. This allows bones to move more freely and keeps up the health of the body’s cartilage. Glycosaminoglycans (GAG’s) also help the body repair and regenerate ligaments, muscle, and new layers of skin and bone. The sulfate form is natural to the body (in the cartilage and synovial fluid) and the most well-known of its assimilable forms. Glucosamine Sulfate slows cartilage breakdown as it can lose its gel-like nature. It is cellular cement for connective tissue. Oxidative stress creates the conditions for the stiffness and inflammation of arthritis. Free radicals (oxidative stress) are scavenging molecules that can damage connective tissue. Beneficial co-factors include SOD, catalase, sulfated aminos and mucopolysaccharides.


Turmeric extract (95% curcumin): It has been widely researched worldwide, cited in nearly 9,000 studies. A well-known antioxidant, liver protector, and blood purifier. Reduces inflammation while supporting the circulatory system. Turmeric extract is one of the best substances for combating lipid peroxidation, which can cause cell and tissue damage. Turmeric can ease joint pain and flare-ups. It helps strengthen muscles, including support for bone and joint health. Turmeric extract improves varicose veins and morning stiffness. Turmeric and ginger are both extremely versatile at pain reduction. Turmeric inhibits the expression of inflammatory enzymes It is a powerful antioxidant with high ORAC values reflecting its potent antioxidant quality. Turmeric helps control both chronic and acute inflammation, including oxidative damage. Technical information: Targets multi-pathways to resolve inflammatory issues. Inhibits COX-2 inflammatory pathways. Controls cytokine production. Helps control inflammatory hormone arachidonic acid.


Grape Seed Extract (95% OPC): Rich in oligomeric proanthocyanins (OPCs) which have antioxidant properties and are major free-radical scavengers, Grape Seed Extract (GSE) assists with sugar modulation and works to prevent oxidative stress, which is a factor in diabetes. GSE can reduce inflammation, swellings, and lessen recovery times. It restores elastin and collagen, which are crucial for tissue and skin elasticity. It can reduce pain and stiffness caused by carpel tunnel and tendonitis. It works to potentiate Vitamin C and to strengthen both connective tissues and capillaries. GSE benefits the immune system, liver and kidney functions, and the entire circulatory system. It protects and strengthens blood vessels, improves blood flow in venal insufficiency improvement. It sends blood back to the heart. and supports eye and brain health GSE promotes wound healing as it improves circulation. OPCs certainly provide numerous benefits to our body, helping to repair & protect damaged cells while stabilizing collagen matrix.


Boswellia extract (65% Boswellic acids): Frankincense (Boswellia) is an extract of tree resin. It is very important for pain relief and improves osteoarthritis conditions by shrinking inflamed tissue. It reduces and prevents the formation of leukotrienes which can lead to inflammation. Boswellia reduces tissue deterioration, improves blood supply to joint tissue, lessons stiffness which provides strength. This substance is used for both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Care should be taken with the following: blood thinners, pregnant women, GERD.

Horse chestnut extract (20% Aescin): Its potent anti-inflammatory properties help relieve symptoms caused by chronic venous insufficiency and assists with microcirculation. It works well with GSE for venal insufficiency in reducing varicose veins by improving blood flow, including hemorrhoids. Horse chestnut extract contains antioxidants and Aescin, a cancer-fighting compound that helps with pain from bruising and swelling. It is rich in flavonoids like Quercetin and Kaempferol. Care should be taken with blood thinners and NSAIDS.

Each bottle contains 120 veggie caps with 800 mg of nutrients per capsule. 


The results of the clinical study performed on Flex-Connect Plus™ and MSM-Vitamin C demonstrated a collective improvement of 97.8% in the following tested markers/parameters:

1. Joint pain
2. Stiffness
3. Range of motion
4. Cartilage support
5. Inflammation


The proportions of responders within 1 week of treatment were as follows: 22.3% for placebo and 49.6% for the active supplement. Noteworthy is that after 4 weeks of treatment, the placebo group was still significantly lower from baseline for any of the WOMAC scores, compared with the group ingesting the active supplement. Response to treatment to the Flex-Connect Plus™ and MSM-Vitamin C group continued to increase for the duration of the study protocol. The response rate at week 4 was significantly higher for the group ingesting the active supplement group (69.2%), compared with the placebo (28.6%). At the conclusion of the study, week 12, the response rate for the active supplement group continued to increase compared with the placebo: 95.6% and 29.8%, respectively.


When the results came in we celebrated the formulation of a product that could truly help the millions of people worldwide who suffer from this degenerating disease. Our dedication to quality and gold-standard research sets our Flex Connect Plus formula apart from the rest in the marketplace.



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