120 veggie caps 800mg. An all plant-based blend of Eastern and Western standardized extracts and high-potency whole herb sources renowned for stabilizing, restoring, and strengthening vital liver function.

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The Protector

Suggested Use: Consume 2–4 capsules. 1–2 times daily (45 minutes after a meal) with plenty of water. Available in a sealed bag with 5 additional capsules included. Please add a note to request.

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The liver is your body’s first internal line of defense against all of the pollution, toxicity, unnatural chemicals, and harmful compounds of the world. Your liver is like a 24 hour, 7 days a week bomb squad that chemically diffuses all of the materials entering your body that can do you harm and aid in the development of cancer, chronic disease, low energy, and sickness. As your liver converts harmful materials into more neutral forms, it often stores the most difficult compounds in its tissues to be removed safely by the body at a later time. As the level of toxic matter consumed outpaces the liver’s ability to process, its efficiency and filtration capacities significantly decline. With modern life’s non-stop stress, inherent pollutants, and un-natural food, it might be the time for your liver to get some serious assistance in its vigil to keep your body healthy. 

Introducing our most powerful solution for the health of your liver: Liver Restore!  In traditional practice and modern research, the ingredients have shown the ability to protect liver cells from damaging effects such as those from chemical pollutants, toxins, alcohol, and disease. This invigorating, nourishing formula may also be helpful in regenerating cell function in already damaged tissue.

Liver Restore is an all plant-based blend of Eastern and Western standardized extracts and high-potency whole herb sources renowned for stabilizing, restoring, and strengthening vital liver function during its thousands of metabolic processes each day. The famous Western liver tonic milk thistle (silymarin 80-85%), with dandelion, burdock, artichoke, and Amazon rainforest Chanca Piedra (“break-stone”) are blended with traditional Chinese liver tonics schizandra, Eclipta, Rehmannia, Picorrhiza, and Bupleurum, and the traditional Indian blood purifier and liver tonic Turmeric (curcuminoids 95%) and Ayurvedic herb Amla. In both traditional practice and modern research, these ingredients have protected liver cells from the damaging effects of chemical pollutants, toxins, alcohol, and disease.

To put our confidence to the test we used our custom Liver Restore formula in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, peer-reviewed study for the most difficult liver issue we could find Chronic Hepatitis C. At the conclusion of our investigation the results showed: “a significant improvement in reducing all of the following: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue, abdominal pain, headache, and mental disturbances (confusion, lethargy, lack of concentration, irritability, sleepiness). In addition, the participant subjects experienced significantly lower occurrences of jaundice and ascites. Also, weight loss, liver enzymes (alanine and aspartate aminotransferases), and HCV RNA assays (viral load) were significantly lower in the group which received the active ingredient when compared with placebo.”

No other liver health product on the market that we could find combined both super-powerful adaptogenic herb extracts and gold standard peer-reviewed clinical research to create the most powerful product possible. When it comes to your daily liver health or combating chronic issues of the liver, Liver Restore is the way to go!
The ingredients in our Liver Restore are:

Milk Thistle* (Pure extract, 80-85% silymarin): The classic, worldwide liver herb. As a liver protector, it counteracts the effects of numerous chemicals and toxins. Its active compound silymarin has the ability to inhibit agents that are responsible for liver damage, at the same time stimulating the growth of new liver cells to replace those damaged. It is therefore quite beneficial for chronic liver problems and their accompanying skin conditions. Its long history as a liver restorative was already well established in references made to it throughout the Middle Ages.  

Turmeric* (95% curcuminoids): A blood purifier and true liver tonic. Its curcuminoids help prevent lipid peroxidation, or rancidity, in the body’s circulatory system. Well-known as a liver protector. The compound curcumin possesses the ability to protect the liver by detoxifying carcinogens. It decongests the liver and stimulates bile production for digestion and absorption of fats.

Picrorhiza*:  (4% kutkin): A Himalayan herb known for calming the liver by taking away excessive heat and inflammation and therefore has a liver protective effect. It also has antibiotic effects; it inhibits various pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Its similar activity to milk thistle should increase its popularity in the future.

Schisandra*: (9% schisandrins): A Chinese adaptogen known for the five major tastes of its fruit: sweet, sour, pungent, bitter, salty, each corresponding to the five elemental phases of Oriental medicine. Well-known as a liver tonic, balancing liver deficiency. It contains various lignans, which have been found to prevent liver damage, stimulate its repair, and support its normal functioning.

Artichoke*: (5% cynarin): Well-known vegetable that has a cleansing (detoxifying) and healing effect on the liver and gall bladder. It is blood cleansing and stimulates the production of bile.

Chanca piedra*: (20:1): An Amazon rainforest plant known as “break-stone” for its traditional use in breaking up and expelling both kidney stones and gallstones. It supports liver, kidney, gall bladder, and urinary functioning. Detoxifies and protects the liver; stimulates the production of bile.

Amla*: The premier blood purifier and rejuvenation tonic from India, equivalent to Chinese Schizandra. This rich, natural vitamin C source is considered one of the most effective herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. Its astringent nature favorably stimulates the liver and protects it from toxins. 

Eclipta*: Chinese herb known to nourish and tonify the liver and kidneys. It is used for liver and kidney deficiency conditions. Cools the blood and is able to stop internal bleeding due to heat.

Dandelion Root*: A blood purifier and liver tonic. It stimulates the liver to detoxify poisons; aids in the recovery from many kinds of liver disease. Has high content of easily assimilable minerals, and is able to keep electrolytes in the body in balance. Certified organic.

Bupleurum*: Chinese herb known for its liver and spleen harmonizing properties. Relaxes constrained liver and constriction in the chest caused by inflammation conditions. Contains a wide variety of essential fatty acids. It has an antibiotic effect. Used to treat upper respiratory infections.

Rehmannia*: A Chinese root known for its blood purifying and revitalizing properties. An energy builder and harmonizer, it helps the body assimilate nutrients and eliminate waste, therefore nourishing of the liver and kidneys. It also has a positive action on the heart and circulatory system.

Burdock Root: A blood purifier and liver tonic. It neutralizes and eliminates poisons in the system. Promotes kidney function. Best known for its beneficial effects on skin problems. Certified organic.

Spirulina: A complete protein and entire B complex of vitamins that is nourishing to the liver. Rich in beta carotene, minerals, including trace minerals, and essential fatty acids. Has a strong ability to help get amino acids directly into the system, thereby relieving the liver of stress. Certified organic.

* Pure concentrated extracts

Each bottle contains 120 vegicaps,  800 mg of nutrients per capsule.

Suggested Use:  2–4 capsules, 1–2 times daily (45 minutes after a meal) with plenty of water

Units in box: 1