125 veggie caps 900mg each. MSM is one of the most versatile and beneficial supplements we carry! Its active ingredient is concentrated natural sulfur which is an essential compound in the body and is also one that is often overlooked in the modern diet. Each capsule contains 675 mg of MSM and 225mg of Acerola as a Vitamin C source. Note: MSM-Acerola now contains 125 capsules with 900mg of MSM and Acerola.

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Flexibility, tissue health, and natural beauty supplementation

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Suggested Use: Consume one capsule per 50 lbs of body weight twice a day or as recommended by a physician. Take either 45 minutes after eating or with a synergistic formula and plenty of water. *Designed for combination with Flex Connect PlusVita PowerMacro-Night, and Liver Restore.

MSM is one of the most versatile and beneficial supplements in our product line! Its active ingredient is concentrated natural sulfur, one of the most underrepresented compounds in the modern diet. This dynamic molecule is a fantastic standalone product and supplements many of our other formulas synergistically.

MSM is a necessary compound for the production and health of collagen (the dominant component of connective tissue and bone), the maintenance of optimum joint health, free radical scavenging/elimination and the metabolism of carbohydrates. This simple molecule also combats hyperacidity/ulcers, chronic constipation, a full range of allergies, parasites, joint degeneration, and inflammation.

MSM is fantastic for athletic people or those who need to heal their damaged bone and muscle tissue. It has been evidenced to increase athletic performance and decrease muscle repair time. Additionally, MSM is known as a “natural aspirin” because of its effectiveness in relieving minor aches and pains and increasing the body’s healing and detoxification rate.

MSM is also referred to as nature's “beauty mineral” as it assists the production of strong and healthy nails, hair, teeth, and skin. As “non-toxic as water” we combine our hypoallergenic, and odor-free MSM with Acerola in a full bioflavonoid complex for maximum absorption and functionality. It is recommended that Vitamin C be taken with MSM as they work hand-in-hand with collagen synthesis and are needed conjointly for the healthy maintenance of the body’s cell membranes. Acerola also contains B vitamins, Vitamin K, Bioflavonoids, minerals, complex carbohydrates, and Pantothenic acid; it is a powerful antioxidant. It helps the immune system fight colds and helps wounds and bruises heal. It is good for capillary functioning. Using Acerola is an upgrade from straight ascorbic acid as a vitamin C source.

To top off our excellence pie, we decided to combine our MSM capsules with our Flex Connect Plus formula in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, peer-reviewed clinical study, which pitted our formulas against Osteoarthritis. How did we do it? Flex Connect Plus™ and MSM w/ Vitamin C demonstrated a collective improvement of 97.8% in the following tested markers/parameters: Joint pain, Stiffness, Range of motion, Inflammation and Cartilage support!

Our sourcing, formulating, and research for the Herbal Products and Development MSM formula is of the same ultra-high standards as the rest of our products. The MSM in this product is crystallized using the distillation process. Use MSM in your daily routine to boost your functionality, performance, and overall glow!



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