Colon Pal: Probiotic & Enzyme Super Cleanse Combo Pack


A complete package for food digestion and absorption.

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Comprehensive Digestive Cleanse and Booster

You could eat all the super-nutrients in the world, but without effective digestion and absorption, you would receive little benefit. In order for our bodies to break down and assimilate nutrients, we need a clean colon and enough enzymes to break down food into an absorbable state. Enter Colon Pal: Probiotic & Enzyme Super Cleanse! This combo pack has everything you need, not just to restore your digestion and absorption of food, but also to bring it to new heights!

Colon Pal contains:
1 Power Plus (200 500mg vegi- caps)
1 Inflazyme (200 500mg  vegi-caps)
1 Zymies Detox (100 gm)
1 Friendly Colonizer (100 gm)
1 Energy Enzyme Blend (6 oz)
1 Triphala (2 oz)
1 Green Papaya (1 lb)