Joints Rejoice Combo Pack


The same protocol used in our published clinical study on joint health. We have upgraded our MSM (capsuled) formula to include Acerola which is 25% Vitamin C.

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Joint movement and Flexibility

Instructions: Take 8 MSM w/Acerola and 4 Flex-Connect capsules per day (45 minutes after a meal) with plenty of water.

HP&D's Flex-Connect Plus and MSM w/Vitamin C capsules make a formidable combination when taken together. Specifically, they serve as a force for joint health and flexibility, helping with inflammation, the range of motion, and morning stiffness. We tested this combination in a clinical study with fantastic results, which were published in the Townsend Letter. Read the full study here.

Joints Rejoice Contains:
1 Flex-Connect Plus (120 800mg vegi- caps)
2 MSM w/ Acerola (120 800mg vegi-caps) NEW!