Smoothie Operator Combo Pack


Feel like making some smoothies? Supercharge them with the ingredients in this combo pack.

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The Ultimate Smoothie Kit

If you like making smoothies and want to pump up their nutritional value, this is a combo pack for you. We've included a smattering of ingredients that are not only nutritious but also delicious in smoothies, porridge ice cream, or any other sweet food you'd like to experiment with!

Smoothie Operator contains:
1 Supremely Green (1 lb)
1 Mesquite (1 lb)
1 Maca (1 lb)
1 Bella Dulce (2 oz)
1 Bee Pollen (1 lb)
1 Berry Berry Good (1/2 lb)
1 Amazon Endurance (2 oz)
1 Mushroom Longevity (2 oz)