2 oz. A warming formula that is reminiscent of chai spices, but with a significantly more complex and Vestal flavor. Excellent for increasing circulation, soothing the body and stomach, regulating blood sugar, and aiding anti-inflammatory actions.

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Exotic spices of the world

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Instructions: 1 full dropper to taste.

Organic, wildcrafted spices from around the world go into this premium boutique extract bursting with naturally sweet and spicy, aromatic nutrients. The spices of Bella Dulce are an excellent aid in digestion, and are good for kidneys and liver; they are also brain boosters. They help in detoxification, contain antioxidants, and are anti-microbial and anti-pathogenic, assisting the body in keeping healthy in cold, wintertime conditions. Bella Dulce will go to improving one’s overall energy and digestion.

Use in all types of desserts and snacks, including ice cream, cakes, cookies, pies, puddings, fruit salads, yogurts, tonic balls, and in cooked or raw food preparations, including porridge and chutneys. Or use in warm or cold beverages, such as chai, coffee, teas, smoothies, or grain beverages. Or add to green food drinks or simply water for a warming chai flavor. It is very versatile—so keep it on your kitchen counter.



Cardamom (seed, India): Has a slightly stimulating taste; it sweetens and oxygenizes the breath; as an anti-acid, it improves digestion. Used throughout the Middle East in coffee. It improves circulation and aids the kidneys. The lead ingredient in Bella Dulce, its warming quality can be sweet, spicy, pungent or savory.

Cinnamon (bark, Mexico): Widely popular, with a well-known great flavor. Lots of studies show it helps with blood sugar balance. It is also an anti-microbial. One of the most important spices of all time.

Sarsaparilla (root, Jamaica, Central America, Brazil): Used in a variety of desserts and beverages (soft naturally sweet aromatic nutrients. A good tonic for circulation and body balance, and a male rejuvenator. Helps with skin disorders as well.

Vanilla (pods, Madagascar): It is most popular, with a well-known flavor, used extensively in chocolates, candies, and desserts. Its complex flavor helps bring together all flavors. It relaxes nerves, lifts the spirits, and improves digestion.

Ginger (root, Hawaii): Has a warming, pungent quality, used in a wide variety of foods, drinks, tonics, and recipes. Its strong medicinal benefits are well known for aiding digestion and circulation. Ginger is used in nausea and motion sickness preparations and provides anti-inflammatory activity. Its catalytic action helps as a carrier for other herbs, thus harmonizing the whole formula.

Cloves (Indonesia): An aromatic, pungent herb that helps digestion and keeps parasites in check.

Nutmeg (whole nuts dried, Indonesia): Has a warm, spicy, complex flavor, sweet and savory. It lowers blood sugar, boosts brain activity, and is high in calcium, magnesium and other minerals.

Cacao (nibs, Sun-dried, Dominica): Cacao has a great many varieties worldwide. Cacao beans are the basis for chocolate. A superfood in its own right, it is a powerhouse of nutrients, with well-known mood enhancing, mildly stimulating, aphrodisiac properties. See our profile sheet on Cacao, The Powerhouse.

Licorice (root, India): Used in Chinese medicine, it harmonizes, bringing together disparate elements. As an expectorant, it is found in many throat and cough formulas. Licorice provides natural sweetness.

Stevia (leaf, Paraguay): A potent herbal sweetener, it acts as a tonic. See our profile sheet on Stevia.

Mace (flowers, India): The sweet, spicy flowers that encase nutmeg. Mace adds a layer of complexity.

Safflower (petals, Turkey): Used to colorize and add aroma, such as in saffron. Good for circulation.

Long pepper (All Spice) (Thailand): Adds a spicy bite like black pepper. It has antimicrobial activity.


Units in box: 1