2 oz. Supports blood sugar regulation, kidney function, and tissue repair. Designed to combat the metabolic causes of all carbohydrate and fat-related conditions, including metabolic disease, pre-diabetic conditions, diabetes (I and II), and syndrome X.

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Healthy blood sugar and Kidneys

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Instructions: Take 1/2 tsp as needed or as directed by a physician or health care practitioner. The taste is a little bitter; we recommend using it with our award-winning Stevia. Best consumed approximately 45 minutes after meals with plenty of water. 

Gluco Low Balance uses a combination of bitter herbs to help improve kidney health, expedite wound healing, and balance blood sugar levels.

According to the American Association of Diabetes Educators, over 8% of the population is actively diagnosed with Type II diabetes and another 57 million people have pre-diabetic conditions. Additionally, the number of people with type II diabetes is projected to double within 30 years (United States) and over 400 million people internationally will have type II diabetes by 2010. According to the International Federation for Diabetes, one of the leading causes of type II diabetes is “lifestyle” (diet and exercise).

While we can’t send a personal trainer to your house, we have crafted a maximum strength formula that is designed to combat the metabolic causes of all carbohydrate and Fat-related conditions, including metabolic disease, pre-diabetic conditions, diabetes (I and II), and syndrome X. Gluco Low Balance assists both macro and microcirculation, glucose/insulin stabilization, weight management, immune system function, kidney function, blood health, and nutrient assimilation. By carefully crafting only the highest quality herb extracts, vitamins and minerals into a synergistic power blend of 19 ingredients, we are confident that we have generated the most potent supplement possible for these serious and often life-threatening conditions.

However, the real question on our mind was the same as yours: does it work?

To put that challenge to the test we combined our Gluco Low Balance formula with our Vita Power pills for a double-blind, placebo-controlled, peer-reviewed clinical study on 60 Type II Diabetes patients. Results showed that trial members “demonstrated a significant improvement” in the areas of “[excessive] thirst, frequent urination, hunger, weight loss, fatigue, blurred vision, diplopia (double vision), and frequent infections”.

Whether you are actively diagnosed with a serious metabolic disease like Type II Diabetes, are pre-diabetic or simply want to improve your insulin and blood sugar balance for optimal functioning, Gluco Low Balance is poised to assist you with your road to optimal health and recovery. Clinically tested and meticulously combined for when you are serious about getting healthy!



Gymnema Sylvestre (75% Gymnemic Acid), Magnesium Ascorbate (80% Vitamin C/20% Magnesium), Banaba Extract (2% Corosolic Acid), Alpha-Lipoic acid (99%), Bitter Melon Extract (15% bitters), Grape Seed Extract (95% OPCs), American Ginseng Extract (5% ginsenosides), Cinnamon Extract (4:1), Opuntia Extract (4:1), Bilberry Extract (25% anthocyanins), Guduchi Extract (Tinospora Cordifolia 20:1), Mineral Co-Factors, Aloe Vera Concentrate (200:1), Vanadium Sulfate, Chromium Picolinate (98%), Stevia (90%)