2 oz. This is an excellent flavor Stevia with biologically active full spectrum components, including the steviol glycosides steviacide and rebaudioside A.Paris Natural Foods Show award winner.

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Stevia Supreme is a certified Paraguay premium with a balance between the rebaudioside A & steviacide

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Instructions: Approximately 1/3 dropper per quart, 2–4 drops per 8 oz glass. Very concentrated; use sparingly.

Stevia is a South American herb that was used by the Paraguayan Guarani people for centuries as a sweetener in their herbal drinks. They called it the “sweet herb” or “sweet leaf.” In many parts of South America, it has long been used in yerba mate and teas, and also in medicines. The two primary steviol glycoside compounds in stevia that make it so sweet are rebaudioside A and steviacide. These go to make stevia up to 300 times sweeter than cane sugar. As a completely natural sweetener, stevia is now a commonly marketed alternative to both cane (sucrose) sugar and artificial sugar. It is sold all over the world, with Japan being the bigger consumer; it began as a popular sweetener in the United States in the 1980s. It is generally labeled a dietary supplement, though extracted rebaudioside A is now accepted under the more restrictive label GRAS (generally regarded as safe) as a food additive. It acts as a tonic.

Though some controversy remains regarding stevia, its recognized health benefits include: It is an immunomodulator (helping to modulate the immune system), and provides blood sugar support—it balances and lowers blood sugar, so is anti-hyperglycemic, making it safe for diabetics. It does not add calories to the diet. It also helps lower blood pressure, supports the kidneys, promotes diuretic activity, and is anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive, anti-diarrheal, and shows high antioxidant activity.

Our stevia is a premium certified organic grade from Paraguay with biologically active and full spectrum components, including a balance of steviol glycosides steviacide and rebaudioside A. It was award winning at the Paris Natural Foods Show. For flavor enhancement, use when sweetness is desired. It is very concentrated, so use sparingly, in any variety of dessert recipes, ice cream, beverages, smoothies teas, chocolates, and in porridge or oatmeal.


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