2 oz. A mix of classic Ayurvedic herbs to help fortify the brain and nervous system. Helps with nervousness, and electromagnet and chemical pollution of the body.

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Nervous System Support

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Instructions: Take 1 full dropper in water as needed.

The herbs in our Body Electric formula are all adaptogens. These herbs strengthen the nerve connection between the brain and the colon (the "2nd brain") as a key to providing vitality and immune health to combat the following: Chemical and electromagnetic pollution (including cell phone/tower exposure), brain fog, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, tension, and sleep difficulty. The first four listed below are classic Ayurvedic brain and nerve tonics. Siberian Eleuthro has a synergistic function with these herbs.


Bacopa Moniera (Brahmi) (leaf): It supports brain function, aiding memory, concentration, mental sharpness, counteracting stress. It is promising for mental deficiencies and cognitive decline. Its strong antioxidant properties benefit in environments of electromagnetic and chemical pollution.

Ashwagandha (root): Its adaptogenic abilities benefit the immune system, balance/increase energy (providing relaxing and steady energy) and mood, relieving stress and fatigue. As a neuroprotective, it helps restore the nervous system while improving brain function. It controls cortisol levels, which both provides adrenal support while reducing anxiety and depression. A rejuvenating herb, it is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory factors. Ashwagandha helps regulate blood pressure and is considered a superior Ayurvedic tonic found in many Rasayana (tonic paste) formulas dating back thousands of years. As with many of these herbs, it helps improve memory and nerve transmission.

Gotu kola (leaf): In India, it is used along with meditative practice. It helps strengthen nerves, improve brain function, energy reserves, and the immune system, and is also good for blood circulation, especially in the legs, so is good for varicose veins. It supports memory, sharpens mood, and helps with insomnia. Gotu kola is good for skin, hair, nails, and connective tissue, helping with collagen production, like MSM. The rejuvenating qualities of Gotu Kola promote wound healing.

Tulsi (Holy basil) (leaf): A sacred plant to the Hindus. It is an aromatic, used in beverages; only a small amount is used in the formula. It helps boost the immune and digestive systems, promotes a healthy metabolism, and helps bring clarity to the mind. Tulsi is highly revered in India, often planted in gardens.

Siberian Eleuthro (root): It is the classic adaptogen, documented as helpful with overstressed adrenal glands, for combating fatigue, boosting energy levels (builds chi), concentration, focus, alertness; it is grounding and balancing as a stress regulator, immune system and kidney strengthener, and an anti-inflammatory. It is a versatile tonic in its own right and an excellent complement with other herbs.