2 oz. Use this powerful tonic to soothe your entire digestion process all while protecting and enlivening your entire body with classic Ayurvedic herbs.

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An ancient formula for superior digestion and optimum colon health

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Instructions: Take 1-2 full droppers in 8 oz of clean water in the early and late day. Best when taken in conjunction with our Friendly Colonizer formula for overall gut health.

According to the American Cancer Society, colon/rectal cancer is the 3rd most common cause of cancer in females and the 4th most common in males. Additionally, an increasingly western diet has dramatically increased the incidence of this disease over the last 20 years as much as 92% in certain countries around the globe.

Our research into a solution for this alarming trend resulted in our discovery of an ancient ayurvedic formula known as Triphala. Triphala is a powerful tonic that is meant to aid digestion and support colon health via a combination of three powerful Indian herbs. Recent medical research conducted by several leading academic institutions in India such as the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and Jawaharlal Nehru University has revealed that Triphala has a significant medicinal value as a potential detoxifying and anti-cancer agent. Additional studies in a variety of clinical settings have indicated Triphala as a powerful anti cancer, stress, congestion, obesity, and headache agent.

Our Triphala is made of a perfect ratio of hand selected herbs that have been extracted into a convenient fluid extract. It’s easy to take our Triphala throughout the day, in water or directly on the tongue. Use this powerful tonic to sooth your entire digestion process all while protecting and enlivening your entire body.

This celebrated Ayurveda tonic has a long history. It cleanses and balances the colon while improving digestion and intestinal probiotic flora. It removes stagnation, helping with conditions of constipation, while it also cleanses the blood and liver. Strong in vitamin C and flavonoids, it acts as an antioxidant; is also rich in minerals. It also helps build up immunity. It is easily assimilated and good for all body types. The three fruits all contain the benefits of astringent tannins. Our Triphala is a fluid extract form of the traditional tonic recipe.



Bibhitaki Has the ability to pull old, built-up mucus off the villi on the intestinal walls, making the digestive process more affective. It is also used for inflammation and helps the body maintain a normal temperature and balance blood pressure. It protects the liver and supports the eyes.

Amalaki (Amla) An important adaptogenic tonic from India, it helps first of all in the overall balance of body functioning. It purifies blood and improves blood sugar balance as it boosts metabolism; it scavenges free radicals, and facilitates the elimination of toxins; it also helps counteract stress. It strengthens lungs, liver, and supports intestinal repair. It contains all five tastes of tonic properties. See our profile sheet Three Sacred Asian Berries for more.

Haritaki It has purifying, nourishing, and laxative properties for the digestive tract. It supports bowel, liver, and pancreatic function; in particular, it strengthens intestinal muscles to contract more efficiently. It is also beneficial for the natural flow of bile. Overall, it is cleansing for the entire body, including the skin. It has been used for stubborn coughs. It is rejuvenating.