1/2 Pound. A mix of Sea Plants including Icelandic Kelp, Red Dulse, Laminaria, Lithothamnion, Bladderwrack, Alaria, Giant (Bullwhip) Kelp, Gracilaria, Rockweed, & Irish Moss. Great to use on salads and savory entrees.

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A Primary Mineral Blend

Suggested Use: Use as a flavorful topping for salads and other dishes, or in drinks.

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The seawater of the ocean contains a wealth of minerals, and sea plants offer us a highly nutritious way of assimilating those minerals into our body. These charged minerals are essential for every biochemical process that takes place in the body, and this is true for the dozens of trace minerals as well, of which there is a notorious lack in contemporary diets. It is well-known that sea water and blood are similar in composition, implying that our blood should contain as rich a complement of minerals as does the ocean. Sea plants are an excellent way to remineralize our body, providing a complete spectrum of bioavailable minerals, including all necessary trace minerals. Sea plants deserve to be better recognized for their health and restorative benefits as true tonics.

Roughly 20-35% of concentrated minerals are found in sea plants. Some are especially high in the important macro minerals calcium and magnesium. In addition, sea plants contain protein (available as amino acids), vitamins (B vitamins are strong), enzymes, fiber, and carbohydrates. Their variable range of protein is 6-20%; their slow release carbohydrates from 40-50%; and their readily digestible fiber from 8-45%. Brown algae are particularly high in iodine, which helps regulate glands, especially protecting the thyroid gland. The beneficial properties of sea plants include chelating heavy metals and removing them from the body; supporting detoxification of the liver and kidneys; helping with joint health and mobility; providing proper moisture to the lungs to help prevent dryness; improving nerve functioning and overall energy metabolism. They are soothing to the body and help improve the immune system, with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-spasmodic, and anti-acid properties. They are an extremely good source for alkalizing the blood, which helps to lower blood sugar.

Sea plants have commonly been used in skin care and cosmetics; also in the making of thickeners, stabilizers, gels, and lubricants. Some types also go into making ice cream. They can be used in a wide variety of dishes, either raw or cooked, from dressings, spreads, dips, and condiments, to soups, stews, and sauces. Adding a nourishing natural saltiness, they can be cooked with grains and vegetables, and they help make beans more digestible. Our sea plant blend can simply be sprinkled on foods, energizing any of your favorite foods with minerals.

Essence of Sea Plants is sourced from locations around the world. We chose sea plants that represent different color types, primarily those classified as the browns and reds, as each type has its own particularly strong properties. Our blend contains Icelandic Kelp, Red Dulse, Laminaria, Lithothamnion, Bladderwrack, Alaria, Giant (Bullwhip) kelp, Gracilaria, Rockweed, Irish moss.

Read our Seaweeds (Sea Plants): Consolidated General Information for a bibliography under Health Articles