100-gram and 8-ounce sizes. Provides before-bed minerals for improved bone density and muscle and nerve support. Macro Night is designed to provide for truly deep (stage 4) sleep each night. Reformulated with more magnesium. The original formula is still available in both sizes with a small discount. See product details.

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Repair muscles, nerves, and bones while you sleep!

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Suggested Use: Take 5/8 level teaspoon (about 1/8 oz or 3.5 grams) in a full glass of water before bed. Macro-Night is a perfect evening adjunct to our Vita Power formula. We reformulated Macro Night with twice as much Magnesium as Calcium. We have also added nutrients derived from sea plants. 

Many people know the value of daily energy supplements to support their waking endeavors, but many don’t take full advantage of the restorative process their bodies go through each night! Deeply restful sleep and optimum nightly tissue repair are supremely important to a healthy and functional body. Waking up refreshed can make the difference between a good or bad day; healing and repairing while sleeping can be the difference between true health and chronic illness.

To address this critical issue (and absence in the supplement market) we created Macro Night. This custom formula is designed to promote truly deep sleep that allows the brain to achieve stage 4 brain waves (super deep delta) each night while providing the necessary before-bed minerals and compounds for optimum cellular repair and rejuvenation. With over 24 high-quality ingredients and multiple forms of both Magnesium and Calcium, this evening formula is designed to ensure unparalleled absorption to aid bone density, nervous system functions, and muscle repair/production.

This formula is perfect for those who rely on coffee and energy drinks to get through the day, or for those who have difficulty sleeping. One of the most important and ignored universal health tonics is proper sleep; sleeping well throughout the night can dramatically improve your entire life! Supercharge your evening rest by benefiting your body’s natural muscle, nerve, and bone tissue regeneration processes with all the critical vitamins, minerals, and compounds that the resting body needs with our meticulously crafted Macro-Night formula.


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