A general purpose moisturizer and popular after-shower lotion to help maintain the elasticity of youthful-looking skin. In a convenient pump bottle.

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General Purpose Moisturizer for Youthful Looking Skin

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A general purpose moisturizer to help maintain skin elasticity for more youthful-looking skin. Our Skin Restore is the finest skin cream available. It adds luster and tone to the skin, is non-greasy, and rapidly penetrates. MSM (organic sulfur) and hemp oil nurtures and rejuvenates skin tissue. Benefits reported from using Skin Restore are softer, more pliable skin, a lessening of lines around the eyes and the face, quicker healing of minor burns, removal of unwanted scars, and less carpal tunnel pain (due to the Sulphur and minerals that Skin Restore contains). Skin Restore is also great as an after sun care moisturizer, helping to cool down a sunburn and refresh dry, sun-baked skin. May be used on any part of the body.

Ingredients: MSM, Usnea, Calendula, Vitamins E, A & D, Aloe Vera, Citracidal, Hemp oil, Apricot kernel oil, Sweet almond oil, Melaleuca Oil, Fatty acid esters (as an Emulsifier), Vegetable Glycerin, De-ionized water. Scented with essential oils of Sweet Orange and Ylang Ylang.


8 oz lotion bottle.